Feature requests or custom plugin development

You have a feature request for a wordpress plugin? Or you want even a whole new wordpress plugin? Please contact us on the info@ mail.

We are very thankful for every feature request or feedback in general on our wordpress plugins. They are very valuable to us. Unfortunately we can not give you any indication when a feature request will be implemented. Normally it will take some time. However there is a fast-track.

If you are urgently in need for a feature or a wordpress plugin you can sponsor it. Your sponsorship is anonymous. If you sponsor a feature or a wordpress plugin we will implement it for you in short term and later this feature will be available at the premium version of the wordpress plugin. In that way you only pay a fraction of the real development cost. As a sponsor you have the possibility to shape the feature directly and get a saying how it shall look like.

Sponsorship Pricing

lower effort feature140€ excl. VAT
higher effort feature350€ excl. VAT
new custom wordpress plugin1200€ excl. VAT

For more infos and request please send us a mail to info@…….-wp.com